Man who wins 25 cent tournament ready to turn pro

It’s amazing how quickly poker can change someone’s life, take Alan Archers from Kentucky, or aces as he likes to call himself, small time gambler and Pokemon enthusiast, who recently won $3.23 at a 25 cent tournament, shares his story with us.

It all started six weeks ago when I put $50 into my Pokerstars  account. I was playing micro stakes and consistently losing or breaking even, until I got down to $31.42 and saw a 45 player 25 cent entry tournament, and something inside me said this is the one. Admittedly I had said this to myself every other time I had logged on to the site, but this time it felt real, I am not sure if it was because I was on my seventh beer but something was giving me confidence guiding me almost.

The first hour was fairly average, winning some hands losing others, when suddenly I had what religious people would describe as an awakening. I began to realize if I folded my bad hands but played my good hands I had a unique advantage over every other player at the table. This must be how mathematicians feel when they discover a new theory I thought. But this was not a time for thinking, it was a time for action. I began to cut through the tournament like a fat person cutting through chocolate cake, devouring the other player’s chips one slice at a time, until I was heads up at the final table. We were evenly stacked so in his mind we were even, but in my mind he looked like a glass of milk, and I had just finished a whole cake and was thirsty.

I stuck to my quantum leap revolutionary style of playing, and within minutes was wearing a milk mustache. It’s hard to know what to do next, I am still getting over the shock of winning a 25 cent tournament and realising that I have what it takes to be one of the best in the world. I want to remortgage  the house and move to Las Vegas, my wife thinks that’s a bad idea but she doesn’t understand the level I am at now. This time next year I could have a bracelet if I keep playing tournaments like that.

We wish Aces all the best, and have no doubt we will be hearing from him in the near future, if not from the card tables, then the divorce courts.

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