Mike McDonald returns as T1000

Movie fans and card players alike rejoice as Mike McDonald returns to play his iconic role as the T1000, in the soon to be released re make of Terminator 2. Mike McDonald whose real name is Michael McDonald, recently cashed in at 109th place in a party poker tournament earning him a life changing $7,300, saying “I’ve had enough, back in the old days before all this card nonsense when I used to roll with Arnold and Cameron, I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with anything less than $10,000. Now I’m constantly grinding just to pay the bills for the bare essentials like keeping the pool heated or building an extension onto my wine cellar, no it’s back to Hollywood for me”.

Michael said it wasn’t hard for him to get back into the character of the T1000.”Searching for John Connor is a lot like playing in a tournament, just as you feel your closing in on the prize, you make a bad decision and it’s all over. It’s like getting your face split open by a shotgun blast, it’s frustrating having to morph yourself back into shape and start all over again. In many ways, I’ve been playing the role all my life”.

We asked Michael was it strange meeting up with all the old cast again. He replied “It’s good to be back on a Terminator set, this is where I first learned to play poker, in between takes, hustling the camera crew and the actors out of their wages. People see Arnold Schwarzenegger as a flawless world class actor, who can play an entire spectrum of characters with a never ending range of emotions but I have the skills to see through that, he doesn’t fool me, and I can easily pick up on his tells. Truth be told he made nothing from the original Terminator 2 and actually walked away from it owing me $100,000″.

We asked Michael did he find Hollywood a bit too warm for his blood. ” What, are you kidding me? Which would you prefer, freezing your balls off in Ontario in January or walking around in shorts and a t shirt? Spoiler alert! It did give me the inspiration for the scene where the T1000 becomes frozen, that was based on real events that happened to me”.

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