Dan Bilzerian Wins bracelet

Dan Bilzerian scoops 20 million and his first bracelet in a private tournament, on a private beach, on a private island. Dan said he was delighted with the win, and it was about time he won a bracelet and became recognized as he plays at such a high level. When asked about the specific details of the tournament he said he could not reveal any details as it was private, but anyone who was anyone in poker was there, and he beat them all, that’s how he won the bracelet. We asked if we could see the bracelet to take a picture of it but Dan told us it was in a display cabinet in his trophy room with his many other accolades from achievements he had excelled at from around the globe.

When we asked Dan what he would do with the money, he just laughed and said he would put it in a pile with the rest of the money he has won from playing poker. Downswing Player interviewed a large cross section of well know high ranking professional poker players and asked them had they heard of any private tournament having recently taken place. The overwhelming consensus was that they had not, and with several players even asking, who is Dan Bilzerian? When we brought this up with Dan, he responded by saying “What do you expect, haters gonna hate, most of them can’t even afford a private jet so how are they going to be able to play poker at my level. Anyway, who cares about a handful of professional poker players, I have over 22 million followers on Instagram”.

Chris Moneymaker had this to say about the whole situation “I’m afraid we’ve seen a large trend towards this kind of behavior in recent years since I won the WSOP and I feel guilty that I might have added to it. People look at me and see the movie star good looks, the fast cars, and even faster women, and think that’s the life they want. They think they can play poker and be just like Chris, and if they want to go ahead and lose all their money through the delusion that they have the same skill as me that’s fine. Unfortunately, it’s also created a whole other group of people, who have, in Dan’s case, literally more money than sense and think its cool to say they won it at poker. My message to Dan is simple, you need to learn to love yourself, you don’t have to keep showing off to the other kids to make yourself feel good, and if you do want to play poker bring that big pile of money over to me and I’ll give you a game”.

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