Negreanu admits he’s a chronic gambler

A break through for psychologists last night and a possible beginning of the end for Daniel Negreanu’s massive gambling addiction. Emotions ran high on ESPN as Daniel had a nervous breakdown on live television, and finally admitted what we’ve all known for years that he can’t stop gambling particularly with Texas Holdem. The six-time bracelet winner said that it had made his life a living hell. “I could have gone on to do anything with my life instead I blew it all on gambling, what have I done?”

The two time player of the year winner then became inconsolable as he cried uncontrollably into his microphone and began to tell his story. “It started for me at a young age gambling in pool halls but that presented too many problems, they would close early and it can be hazardous to your health to relieve someone of the contents of their wallet when they’re holding a large stick in their hands. That’s when I discovered poker! realizing it was much better to be hit in the face with a card than a pool cue.

Around this time the great Canadian talent scourge had begun where all the talent in Canada was to be rounded up and made to work in the Maple syrup mines until they died, or became stuck together. I joined a group Called Canada’s got talent which included Alanis Morissette, Kiefer Sutherland, Bryan Adams, Keanu Reeves, Mike Myers, Michael J Fox, Jim Carrey, and many others. We travelled through a hidden underground railroad system from Toronto to Detroit. We barely made it out with our lives. I still have nightmares about the Canadian Mounties chasing us and screaming “How dare you have talent in Canada.”

When we arrived in Detroit we split up as a group, Keanu was the first to leave as he clearly had the most talent. I had dreams of working on a production line for a car manufacturing company, but pretty soon the gambling took over, I could only make about $30,000 a week in Detroit and my habit had become much bigger than that. Then I heard about Las Vegas, it never shut down at night and the sky was the limit. Like a white Nike training runner inevitably ends up going into dog shit on a footpath I was uncontrollably drawn to it and just had to stand in its neon glow.

I tried to keep it small, winning a million here and there but I just couldn’t stop myself. Before I knew it I had won over 33 million in tournaments alone. I knew I had a major problem, but it was all too much for me, the more money I won the more I had to gamble with, it was a never ending cycle. I’m going to stop this madness, I will stop.” Just then Daniels co host reminded him that he was live on air “really I thought it hadn’t started yet, ehhhhhhhh had you going there for a minute, didn’t I? So we should be in for a great evening of poker tonight here at Las Vegas where the fun never stops unless we want it to.” Plans have already been made to show Daniel the recording of his breakdown in the hope that he can finally get honest with himself. Downswing Player wishes him the best with his recovery.

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