Field of dreams


“Downswing Player team devastated by low traffic to their website.” As a general sense of despair swept through the office, our editor looked across the room at his collection of Kevin Costner memorabilia, and then finally fixed his stare on his framed signed poster of the cult classic production “Field of Dreams”. His eyes then peered downwards, to the lower extremity of the poster, where Kevin had written a personal message, which read “Never give up on your dreams and never stop believing in them. K Costner.”

A tiny tear formed in the editor’s eye.  If Kevin could turn a piece of trash like field of dreams into a box office smash, then he could turn a piece of trash like Downswing Player into an internet success. Kevin is right, if I build it they will come! My dream was to build a place on the web where poker players could come and be happy, even if it was just for a short while.  Is it really so wrong to want to give?  Kevin didn’t seem to think so?…. our editor pondered.

Does the poker community really only care about money? Had the banks really infiltrated every aspect of society to the point where the average poker player wouldn’t take 5 minutes out of their week just to be happy? Or maybe the content was just shit and nobody liked it.  No, it couldn’t be that I had sat in a room on my own and laughed at it. The only logical explanation was that it was everyone else’s fault that made much more sense.

People did not know the website existed. 2+2 forums banned us from their site for putting up one post in their jokes section which clearly stated you could add links,  and in the one post we wrote “If this is viewed as spam please tell us and we will stop immediately” because they were jealous of our raw talent, and view us as a threat to their website which uses a vile colour scheme. Doug Polk had not seen all the messages we had put up on his YouTube videos because he was too busy helping sick and wounded homeless animals, he wasn’t just ignoring us, Doug wouldn’t do that to his fans, especially ones who had been with him long before the giveaway.

As Kevin Costner as our witness, we will be accepted into the poker community we have built, and they will come!

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