Doyle Denies Deal With Devil


Legendary poker player and amateur kite enthusiast Doyle Brunson publicly denies ever making a deal with the devil and says “I  met him on three occasions and would only class him as an acquaintance and not a friend.” Speculation started during a live television interview with Bruson where he started to reminisce about being a teenager and part of the original wagon train crossing America in 1830 saying that’s how he got into poker. The interviewer then interrupted Doyle and said that would make his age at around 202 with his next birthday coming up on the 10 of August.

Brunson could be heard swearing under his breath he then tried to change his story by saying he was joking stating his official age is 83 but says he can’t find his birth cert and that was not uncommon. Doyle was then shown the picture above which was taken before he won the world series in 1977 and was asked by the interviewer to explain the situation.

“Alright alright, I can see you news people all want your story so Ill explain it to you again. I met with the devil three times. The first time was on March 6th, 1836 at 6.30am at the Alamo in Texas and as I’ve stated many times at no point did I make any kind of deal with him to get out of there alive, we were just talking. The second time was at the Texas 1950 Interscholastic track meet we hadn’t seen each other in years and I thought it would be rude not to go over and say hello. Later that day I went on to win the one-mile event, let’s just call it a happy coincidence.

The third time which you journalistic folk have a picture of there was taken before I got to the final table of the 1977 WSOP being one of the few people ever to win it two consecutive years in a row. I was outside the casino and he just happened to be walking by in my experience he’s not the kind of man you ignore. He can be spiteful if you get on his wrong side anyway, some joker with a camera decided it would be fun to take a picture of the two of us together shaking hands and create a story out of it.

The devil looked eight kinds of angry when he saw the flash of the camera. Ironically the man who took the picture died less than a week later he was attacked by a pack of wild dogs while simultaneously choking on a hot dog. Like I have stated many times all of these incidents are completely unconnected. Would you like to ask me anything else about it?” The interviewer was about to then paused and thought better of it.

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