Lederer Pleads Guilty

Explosive drama in a Las Vegas courtroom this morning as Mr. Lederer finally pleads guilty due to the overwhelming evidence for crimes he committed back in 2008. The so called “professor” whose highest academic qualification was given to him in high school, showed nothing but contempt for the court through the whole proceedings. As state police dragged him from the courtroom through a mob of furious spectators, Lederer shouted out “I knew what I was doing and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

In case you’ve been living under a rock or are new to poker and don’t know the story. Mr. Lederer and a group of like minded individuals decided they were going to start a poker room cleaning company with their company slogan being “No one cleans out the tables like we do.” The business appeared on the surface, to begin legitimately in 2004, but by 2011 there was an ever growing case against the company with accusations of shenanigans and several people even saying they had witnessed skullduggery.

Mr. Lederer himself was finally caught in fraudulent activity while on a cleaning contract at the Wynn casino. Security cameras caught him pretending to clean the underneath of a poker table, but on security staffs further inspection of the footage they could clearly see he was actually sticking gum to the table. The video evidence was shown in court, and then a victim impact statement was read out by a man who wishes to remain anonymous, but if you Google him you can find out who he is. “I played in that poker room regularly between 2006 and 2008 and on four separate occasions, my hands came into contact with Lederers regurgitated gum which was stuck underneath the table. It is one of the most disgusting things you can do to another human being. I feel sick when I think about him. What makes it worse for me and my family is you can tell by looking at him, if he could care less he would. Lederer is the kind of man who would piss on your salad and then tell you its a new kind of dressing.”

Under the Nevada littering laws Mr. Lederer was ordered to pay $50 to which he replied “hahahahahahahaaaaahaha”

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