Delaware Poker Profits Top 1600 Bucks In July

Poker is alive and well in Delaware with record profits reported from cash games at just over 1600 bucks. An exact figure is still unknown as most of the money came in the form of nickels and dimes. That’s a 4% profit spike last month, compared to July of last year, showing that the Diamond State can still be counted on when the chips are down.

A representative from Delaware Park Casino had this to say “We might not have the stretch limos, High rise buildings, Hookers, or Cocaine like they have in Vegas, but we do have free car parking, and we’re next to the park which has ducks in it. There’s also talk of Lindsay Lohan coming to do a show here. let’s see Cirque du Soleil compete with that.”

Mike Hunt of the Delaware Gaming Commission released this statement on their website. “The poker is dying mantra is getting old now, and it simply isn’t true. We have players flocking to the casino in groups some times as large as five. One night we filled three tables, we were surprised Poker After Dark didn’t try to make a television series out of it. We hadn’t seen the poker room fill up like that since the peak of the Chris Moneymaker era.”

The future for the Delaware poker industry is bright, with the Park Casino now in serious negotiations with one of its chefs to stay back for an extra hour after evening meal service to make sandwiches and cocktail sausages for the poker players. This should add a touch of glamor to the game, and help attract the higher stake players. With talk of opening a 5/10 dollar table and possibly even a 25 dollar buy in tournament for Christmas, Vegas could be facing some stiff competition for its customers in the near future.

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