Poker Genius Or Madman

Mentally unstable? Voices in your head? Paranoia? An overwhelming urge to kill your neighbors? Relax this is the psychological profile of a great poker player. Psychologists at the University of DC have just released their report of a five-year study as to what makes the mind of a poker player. Among the most common traits were, Inferiority complex, Superiority complex, Narrasisim, Ego controlled decision making, Greed, Lack of empathy, Aggression, and Jealousy.

The study showed that there is some good in every situation depending on which way you look at it. By most of society’s standards, these negative traits can all be seen as character defects but at a poker table, they could give the player a unique advantage over mentally stable people by psychologically beating them into submission before the cards have even hit the table. The study made a direct link between poker genius, and criminal genius making the case that it should now be mandatory to teach prison inmates how to play poker, as it would give them a real chance at life upon their release.

The leading professor behind the study doctor Ralph Winterbottom said “You don’t have to be a doctor or a psychologist to realize these people have deep rooted psychological problems. Just spend a half hour on youtube looking at the games top players and even a blind man can see they have serious mental flaws. Unfortunately, it’s a vicious cycle for them, the amount of money they make seems to justify their behavior and at the same time, their behavior leads them to making more money.”

The study group tried to address this issue by hosting a mental health awareness conference in Las Vegas at the same time the WSOP was being held, but the figures showed that approximately 109,000 people entered the WSOP as opposed to the 98 people who attended the mental health conference, half of which were staff. The organizers of the event forgot to take into account that denial is another trait of poker players so next year they will be rebranding the conference “Mental Genius Poker Academy” In the hope of reaching some of society’s most mentally down trodden.

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