Durrrr to open Chinese Restaurant

Tom Dwan has announced he’s all set to open his Las Vegas-style themed Chinese restaurant in Macau after gathering 40 million dollars from investors. Tom has said that he still can not reveal the location of the restaurant for legal reasons but that it would be opening soon, and that investors were very anxious to see where their money had gone. Dwan said he had long had the idea for this latest venture as he used to eat in a lot of Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas, but had been struggling to get interest from investors there after a series of unfortunate events involving Tom and large sums of money. Now unofficially located in Macau, Durrrr said investors were ripe for the picking “here they just throw the money at you and we’re not talking a million we’re talking tens of millions, I’m so happy I can hardly count”.

When asked about poker he said he had little to no interest in it now, and was much more interested in bankroll management saying that several large investment firms from Wall Street had been head hunting him to become a hedge fund manager for them. Tom had been declining offers saying that all the red tape in America didn’t appeal to him, and that there were much more lucrative opportunities in Macau. Tom went on to say “It also helps to be an unknown here, in Las Vegas I can’t walk down the street without someone tapping me on the shoulder and asking me for money, whereas over here even when they ask me, I can’t understand what they are saying so it’s a win-win”.

Dwan also offered Downswing Player readers an exclusive 10% off discount at the restaurant if they register their names and bank account details with him at his new website DurrrrInvestments@OrientExpress.com. We asked Tom where does he see himself ten years from now “In my line of business it’s important to keep moving you don’t want to stay in one area for too long or you might get locked up there for good”.  We wish Tom all the best with his latest venture and are sure it will work out very profitable for him.

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