Matt Damon Announces Rounders 2

GREEN ZONE, Matt Damon, 2010. ph: Jonathan Olley/©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

In a Downswing Player world exclusive, Matt Damon reveals the long awaited sequel Rounders 2 will be coming out summer of next year, and there is going to be a lot more guns and car chases this time round. Downswing player takes time out of its busy schedule to interview struggling actor Matt Damon about his upcoming film.

Downswing Player: We hope you appreciate us allowing you to come here and see us like this.

Matt Damon: Thanks for your time, with the last Rounder’s being a box office flop, I need all the help I can get.

DP: So what makes you think this film will be any different.

MD: In the first film we only had a budget of 12 million, there was a lot scenes such as the snowmobile chase down the side of a mountain, or the underwater harpoon fight in the Hudson river, that we didn’t have the budget to make. We really felt this took a lot from the finished film. Rounders 2 has been given a budget of a 120 million which we are very excited about.

DP: So without giving too much away what’s the basic story of this film.

MD: We pick up where we left off, Mike McDermott is now living in Las Vegas, and keeping with the theme of the first film he is still losing all the time, and taking beatings both on and off the card table. Then him and a group of friends make a plan to rob three casinos at the same time on the same night. I can’t say any more than that for now.

DP: Sounds familiar, are you sure this has not been done before.

MD: Nothing like this has ever been done before.

DP: Why now nearly twenty years after the original.

MD: Only now in the last couple of years has the CGI technology become that advanced that it can make me look younger. 20 million of the overall budget went on that alone, we couldn’t afford to keep spending at that rate so we just put a bag over Edward Norton’s head, we don’t think anyone will notice.

DP: So Edward Norton will be back in the sequel, at least there will be some talent in it.

MD: Yes he’s back but he gets shot in the bag in the opening scene. I really can’t say any more about that.

DP: So what was the point in doing this interview then.

MD: To promote the film

DP: Oh yeah we forgot about that, best of luck with it, we are sure it will be as successful as the first one.

MD: You know what, it wasn’t a bad beat that time I got outplayed at the box office, but I know I’m good enough to sit at those cinemas, it’s not a pipe dream I never told anybody this but years ago I made a film and it was rubbish, a real piece of crap, but it went on to make 171 million at the box office. It was the worst film in the cinema, and I just picked the money up and walked away. I won.

DP: We don’t doubt your talent Matt but its time to go.



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