Should dogs be allowed play poker, animal rights activists say yes.

We all know the famous pictures of our K9 friends playing poker, but now in a case of life imitating art animal rights activists are calling for dogs to be let into tournaments and casinos. The RSPCA released a press statement saying that this has long since been an issue going back as far as 1894, when the original portrait of dogs playing poker was painted to show the status that dogs had in society at the time.

It was not until the dogs out campaign of 1914, that dogs began to lose their place in the world. This became a very overshadowed chapter in history due to the outbreak of world war one, so strong was the anti dog movement at the time that most dogs were refused entry into the navy or army, with the only exception being a group of well connected Saint Bernard’s making it into the air force, these fearless hounds went on to coin the phrase dog fights, which aviation history never gave them credit for.

With no place in the war, and a ban enforced stopping them from entering any public building occupied by two legged animals, dog numbers quickly declined with a huge number starving to death hence the term to die like dogs. The few remaining dogs, with some reports saying their numbers got as low as 14000, gave birth to a new generation which would have none of the opportunities of times gone by, leaving them no choice but to accept commands from their human masters.

All that could be about to change, with programs such as bark to education, and awareness groups like I won’t roll over. There is a glimmer of hope with activists now calling for dogs to be allowed back into public buildings, with a tipping point seeming to be casinos and poker tournaments, with gaming officials saying that we don’t care where the money comes from as long as it comes to us.

We asked one two legged regular casino player what he thought “I’m not dogist or anything but I don’t think they should be left in, it’s well known they have a sixth sense which would give them an unfair advantage, and they’d leave their hair all over the tables, it’s just not right”.

However the events unfold you can be sure that Downswing player will be the first to find out.

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