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Watching the watchers

Just like transformers there's more to life than meets the eye I am currently working on exposing several myths the main one being erosion I live by the sea and have never once seen cliffs just falling apart yet so called scientists will have us believe this is where cliffs came from then in the same sentence they will tell us that the land has been here for millions of years if either of these things were true then all the land would have eroded by now. I don't want to reveal too much at the minute I always feel like someone is watching me so anything that's talked about in this part of the forum your not allowed to tell anyone else.

Has anyone else noticed anything strange?

I've also started to develop a theory that bats are flying backward it's just that no one can see it. They only come out at night and are mainly dark grey or black so to the untrained eye it would appear they are the right way around but I have my suspicions they are trying to trick us. The reason for this is still unknown to me.