Hand Rankings

High card/Key Play, when there is only one card that can unlock the hand. This is the most powerful hand in poker.

A pair, another very powerful hand. The lower the value of the pair the stronger it becomes, as your enemy will be less likely to put you on it.

Two Pair, a good hand, but be aware that high cards can cause suspicion in the mind of your enemy.

Three of a kind, a strong hand but must be played strategically. Try going all in pre flop for maximum effect.

Straight, a tough hand to play. Your enemy only has to have the ability to count to five in either direction to be able to see what you are doing, however, some enemies will not have this skill.

Flush, an even harder hand to play. Now your enemy only needs the ability to count to five, and the direction does not matter anymore.

Full house, the only possible way you could win with this hand is if you bluff your enemy into thinking you have three of a kind, in which case it then becomes an excellent play.

Four of a kind, practically an impossible hand to play. If your enemy can’t count to four they shouldn’t be playing poker.

Straight flush, if the enemy had a lower straight flush it’s possible you might be able to steal the pot from them.

Royal flush, insta fold move on to the next hand.