Key Play

key Play is an essential part of the philosophy here at Downswing Player, when you have mastered key Play you have mastered the game.

What is key Play?

Key Play is a way of utilizing the hand rankings to their full potential, and thereby unlocking the hand and freeing the chips from the pot. Conventional teaching will have you believe that holding only a high card is one of the worst hands you can have, but let’s take a look at this example which scientifically proves the full power of Key Play.

The blinds are at 10 and 20 dollars and enemy leads out with a bet of 60 dollars, we have been playing with him for over an hour and we know he is a conservative player, but holding the king of diamonds we know we are safe but do not want to scare him off the hand, so we just call luring him into a false sense of security, then the turn card comes.

Our trap has worked and enemy has played right into us with a bet of 180 dollars we pause for a moment to help lure him in further, and then just call making him think he has  the upper hand knowing all the while we have the king of diamonds up our sleeve like a magician, it’s just a matter of time now as we sail down the river.

Bingo the dinner is on the table. Enemy now goes all in, a naive attempt into tricking us that he has made a stronger hand. Such a cheap parlor trick might work elsewhere but not in our shop. We begin to laugh uncontrollably, there is no turning back for him now. We hold the king of diamonds, so we now have two pair and the king, which is the highest card in the hand thereby becoming the key card which unlocks the pot, and the rest is history.

Card for card this is exactly how this hand played out in a play chips game online, and its only a single example of thousands we have played, but this is only a small element of Key Play. There are many other doors to be unlocked using its techniques, lets take a look at the next example.

This time the blinds are still 10/20 and this enemy is also a conservative player we lead out with a bet of 200 as we have a very strong hand and enemy just calls showing he is weak.

This is exactly the kind of card that makes the whole game worth playing. We have slow played this hand long enough, it is time to go all in. Enemy quickly calls and we both turn over our hands, for some unknown reason he has posted a smiley face on the message screen, but that smile will be on the other side of his face. In a minute we are about to introduce Key Play to the river card.

And it really is that simple, we have once again used a single card to unlock the hand, releasing its bounty on to us. This hand was also taken from an online play chips game. This is just a brief example of what can be accomplished when you unleash the mind blowing power of Key Play from its shackles, and leave it to roam free across the card table. Further teaching will be discussed on the forum. But don’t take our word for it, let see what the professionals have to say about Downswing Players methods.


Chris Moneymaker “The beautiful thing about poker is everyone thinks they can play”

Stu Unger “show me a good loser and I,ll show you a loser”

Phil Hellmuth “He called a raise with a queen and a ten, A QUEEN AND A TEN some internet guy”

Teddy KGB “He beat me straight up, pay that man his money”

Mike Matusow “If you ever slow roll me again I’ll punch you in the face”

Joe Hachem “Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi”

Tom Dwan. Unfortunately this player can not be located at the moment