About us

There are only two types of people in this world no more, no less. The first type is the person who thinks they know poker, the second is the person who knows poker, and then there’s the third type. That’s where we come in, a small group of elite geniuses with a quantum level shot in the dark understanding of the game. Which is why we have created this website to spread our knowledge to the masses and bring poker to a new level.

It can be hard out there on the green felt, be it real or digital and we began to realize that no one was having fun with this. There are endless sites offering the best advice, yet no one was up for a laugh, so we thought we would create a place on the web where card players can have some fun and relax for ten minutes.

This website is a satirical look at poker, and all the players involved in the game. None of the advice given on this site should be taken seriously, and none of the news stories are real. It is not our intention to offend anyone, this site is meant purely for entertainment purposes, and should be viewed as such.

If you have nothing better to do with your life, and would like to contact us, feel free to waste your time by emailing righteverytime@downswingplayer.com

If you wish to contact us about placing advertising on our website, then this is extremely important to us and you should contact us immediately at advertising@downswingplayer.com


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